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Band of the Week: 11/15/2015

In times in which everyone keeps asking what is the future of Heavy Music going to be like now that the veterans of are either "retiring" or reaching the point in their careers in which they could easily announce their departure from the scene, there is one band in particular that keeps blowing minds whenever they release a NEW album and whenever they play a concert anywhere in the world. Which band is that?

CLUTCH! The Maryland rockers have reached a point in their career in which they have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, and that is very evident in their latest album entitled Psychic Vampire! The best way to describe CLUTCH's latest sonic assault is as if ZZ TOP, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and MOTÖRHEAD had one bad ass bastard child together!

While way too many bands rely on plenty of production tricks (backing tracks, lighting effects and other distractions) when performing live, CLUTCH's focal point will always be their music! The dudes can play good ol' Rock N' Roll with a modern twist of Metal that just makes sense and gets you grooving regardless of racial background.

The best part about CLUTCH is that they are not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon! The members of the band are lifers and you can expect them to grow old with you! As long as CLUTCH is around, the future of Heavy Music is very exciting and this is ultimately why CLUTCH is our band of the week!


- Neil Fallon: Vocals and guitars
- Tim Sult: Guitars:
- Dan Maines: Bass
- Jean-Paul Gaster: Drums

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