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Band of the Week: 9/20/2015

Murphy's Law
When New York Hardcore Punk legends MURPHY'S LAW stepped into the music world in 1982, New York City was a completely different place both socially and culturally. While Punk Rock was on the rise, Hardcore music as we know it was pretty much nonexistent in New York City. It was band's like MURPHY'S LAW who helped pioneer the genre in the city that never sleeps when they realized that fans were hungry for an aggressive form of music. While CBGB's already existed, MURPHY'S LAW was one of the band's that helped to establish the venue as the home of Hardcore music!

It all got started for MURPHY'S LAW when the legendary Jimmy Gestapo started playing music with some friends (like all bands do) and soon realized that nobody was blending Punk Rock music with Ska music. While Jimmy definitely didn't plan to create a completely NEW sound, he sure as hell knew that music was the perfect way for him and his friends to channel the aggressions birthed during some of hardest times in New York City history. Once Raven (born Seaton "Chuck" Hancock III) took over the saxophonist role, the band quickly became a staple of the New York City music scene!

After 12 studio albums, hundreds of shows, and 30+ years of making sure that Hardcore music remains FUN, the band - Jimmy Gestapo, Raven, Jason Stickney, Christian Hoffmeister and Vinny Empanada - is still one of the best live bands in the world.

What keeps MURPHY'S LAW going strong? Their musical passion, their love for music, and definitely their desire to put a smile on peoples faces.


- Jimmy Gestapo (James Drescher): Vocals
- Jason Stickney: Guitar
- Raven (Seaton "Chuck" Hancock III): Saxophone
- Christian Hoffmeister: Bass
- Vinny Empanada: Drums
- Ian Meredith: Electric Banjo

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